April 26, 2017

FREE Workshops

Free Workshops are conducted on the 1st, 2nd,  3rd, & 4th Saturday of every month! To register, click on the “Register” tab and select “Free Workshops!”

1st Saturday “Robot Programming”

Ever wanted to learn how to program a robot? Join us as we program Lego Mindstorms robots in this free workshop! 

2nd Saturday “Carving with X-Carve”

Join us on the second Saturday of every month for our Carving with X-Carve workshop! We will demonstrate how to makes a design and operate a CNC Router to carve your creation onto wood! 

3rd Saturday “Introduction to Arduino”

Let us show you how powerful and useful an Arduino can be! In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Arduino, how to program it, and get a taste of what it can do!

4th Saturday “Tech Academy FREE Day”

Join us for a FREE day at the Tech Academy! Yes FREE! No strings attached! Come all day and enjoy everything that the Tech Academy has to offer!

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